Boarding Arrangements


daily board

 Includes 1 flake of coastal hay and plenty of fresh water; a mineral block is provided next to all water buckets.

$25.00 first day

$15.00 per day thereafter.


monthly board

Includes two feedings per day as far apart as possible.  Our feed times change based on the daylight hours. We feed your choice and amount of grain per meal.  You provide your own food from our local feed store that has been serving our community for over 20 years. You can find them at

If you choose to use another provider, that's okay with us.  You will have to be responsible for deliveries.    

it's your horse; you should be the one to decide. 


retirement board

let them live with others like them..

Our ranch is designed for retirement.  We have two medical stalls with turnout paddock for emergencies or rest and repair.  We will take care of your horse as if it were our own.  We will provide full care and grooming along with weekly exercise and sound nutrition decided by you and your vet. You provide food, medical supplies and vet/farrier care.  We are your eyes and ears for your longtime friend.  

Retirement board fee is $775.00 per month.

Florio Palm Valley Ranch has been serving St. John's County Florida since 1976.

Anthony and Kandi Florio are the owner's on premise.