Home is where the horse is...

 Boarding Arrangements


daily board or ​    emergencies

​​​​      $ 25.00 first day

         ​$15.00 each day thereafter

      You provide food and hay



monthly board

Includes two feedings per day as far apart as possible.  Our feed times change based on the daylight hours. We feed your choice and amount of grain per meal.  You provide your own food from our local feed stores that serve our community.

You can find them at:

Feedin’ Time

Hagan Ace Hardware

9 Mile Feed

Jacksonville Hay Supply

If you choose to use another

provider, that's okay with us. 

You will have to be

responsible for deliveries.    

Currently, our board rate

is $350.00 per month.


let them live with others like them..

As soon as a horse is un-trailored, and directed into his/her new paddock, there is a quiet that comes over them.  They study EVERYTHING around them very quickly, but soon realize that there is no danger because they can SEE far and wide.  

​There are other horses grazing just beyond the fence.  Your horse wants the same thing.  We try to quarantine your horse for a short while to make sure that they become accustomed to their surroundings, by smelling and seeing, before we try to integrate them into a herd.  

​Bring your trailer, and park it for free. Enjoy our tack room with bathroom, running                                                   water, and A/C cooled.


Don't forget to update your

COGGINS  We will require it

upon entry to the property.


When you board with us, this 

property is open to you, for your

convenience, from sun up to sun 

down.  Sometimes, it is necessary

to be with your horse after those hours, and we make arrangements to accommodate that. 

Horse people are nice that way.